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Rosehip powder for dogs & cats I Vitamin C from rosehip

Rosehip powder for dogs & cats I Vitamin C from rosehip


  • Natural powder made from whole rosehip fruits
  • Support of the defenses & immune system
  • Ideal pulp-to-seed ratio, without any additives
  • Particularly valuable thanks to natural vitamin C
  • Dry rose hips, very finely ground

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Pure nature for your four-legged friends: rosehip powder for dogs and cats

Do you want to offer your furry friend only the best and support his vitality with purely natural products? Then the rose hip powder for dogs and cats from alphazoo is exactly what you are looking for. Rose hips have been valued as a helpful home remedy for centuries - and now you can easily use the benefits of this miracle fruit for your animals.

Historical background of the rose hip

Our ancestors already knew about the vital powers of the rose hip . This small red fruit has historically been highly valued not only as a source of nutrition but also for its supporting properties. Even back then, rich amounts of vitamin C supported the immune system and general defenses.

The power of rose hips for dogs and cats

Alphazoo's rosehip powder for dogs and cats is packed with natural nutrients. The dry rose hips , carefully extracted from whole fruits and gently processed into powder, preserve all the essential ingredients. Your animal can therefore benefit from an abundance of vitamin C , which is known to be essential for a robust immune system and vital defenses .

Optimum usability of the rose hip powder

In addition to supporting the immune system , rosehip powder for dogs and cats is characterized by its high bioavailability. This means that your pet can optimally absorb and utilize the valuable ingredients. The dried rose hips in our powder are a pure, unadulterated addition to your usual feeding - completely natural and without artificial additives.

Easy to use in everyday life

We at alphazoo have made sure that using the rosehip powder for dogs and cats is as easy as possible for you. You can find exact dosage instructions on the packaging. This way you can easily give every meal of the day a healthy boost. The natural ingredient not only supports your animal's vitality, but can also help strengthen its mood.

Your benefits with alphazoo rosehip powder

With our alphazoo rosehip powder made from whole fruits, you are choosing a product in which the vitality of your favorite is in the foreground. Selected, high-quality vitamins for dogs and cats give your animal what it needs for a long and vital life. Our careful production from whole fruits guarantees you consistently high quality for the well-being of your four-legged friends.

Now the defenses supported with alphazoo

You too can ensure a vital and happy animal life. Rely on the pure rosehip powder for dogs and cats from alphazoo and support your best friend's immune system with the power of nature. Increase well-being and ensure a robust immune system - easily with our high-quality supplementary feed made from rose hips .

Buy now and experience the difference!

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  • Dogs up to 10 kg 2 g daily

  • Dogs 10 to 20 kg 4 g daily

  • Dogs 20 to 30 kg 6 g daily

  • Dogs 30 to 40 kg 8 g daily

  • Cats 1 g daily

The rose hip powder can simply be mixed into your daily food.

Storage instructions: Please store the natural rosehip powder in a cool, dry place and protected from light.
Composition: Rosehip peel fine particles (0.22% vitamin C)

Analytical components: crude protein 5.9%, crude fiber 38.1% crude fat 1.0%

Natively contained: calcium 0.61%, phosphorus 0.16%, sodium 0.01%
What is rosehip powder and how is it made?

Rosehip powder is a finely ground powder obtained from the dried fruits of the rosehip. The rose hip is the fruit of various types of roses, especially the dog rose (Rosa canina), and is known for its high content of vitamin C as well as other antioxidants and nutrients. To produce the powder, the fresh rose hips are first cleaned and removed from leaves and stems. They are then dried; This can be done in air, in special drying systems or through other processes. Once they are completely dried, depending on their quality, the hard, bad seeds are removed - what remains are the peels and pulp, which are then ground into a fine powder. The higher the quality, the lower the kernel content and the redder the color of the rosehip powder.

Where does the term dog rose come from and what does it have in common with rose hips?

The term "dog rose" is derived from the Latin name "Rosa canina", where "canina" translated from Latin means "dog". There are various theories as to why this name was chosen. One of the explanations is that the rose was used in ancient times to treat bites from rabid dogs, hence the name "dog rose". Another explanation could be that the name simply comes from the low appreciation of the plant, as it easily grows wild and was less valued than more noble rose varieties. The fruits of the dog rose are the rose hips, which are harvested especially after the first frost, as soon as they are soft and rich in vitamins.

Are rose hips or dog rose poisonous for dogs?

Rose hips and the dog rose (Rosa canina) themselves are not poisonous to dogs. They are part of many natural environments, and pets may occasionally come across them when outside. It is always advisable to consult a veterinarian for individualized advice before using any new products or changing a pet's diet.

What can you do with rosehip powder?

Rosehip powder can be used in many ways. It is often used as an ingredient in various recipes, such as smoothies, yoghurts or mueslis, to give them a fruity note. It can also be used for baking or to make tea and other drinks. For pets, it can be mixed into the daily diet or mixed with food, for example as a feed additive. We offer our rosehip powder exclusively for animals and recommend adding the rosehip powder to your pet's food as a supplementary feed, or more precisely as a single feed.

How does my dog ​​take rosehip powder?

Dogs usually consume rosehip powder by adding it to regular dog food. The exact amount and frequency should be individualized and it is advisable to introduce this slowly and pay attention to the dog's reaction. The dosage instructions for the respective product should be followed and if you are unsure or have any questions, it is recommended to consult a veterinarian.

What is the raw food quality of rosehip powder for dogs?

The term raw food quality for rosehip powder means that the rosehips have been dried at low temperatures, which helps to better preserve the natural ingredients. Raw food grade products are often designed to retain the natural state of the ingredients as much as possible and to minimize the loss of nutrients that might occur at higher temperatures during processing. This can be particularly interesting for pet owners who value a diet that is as natural as possible for their pet.

What was rosehip powder used for in history and by whom?

Traditionally, rosehip powder has been used by people as a dietary supplement and for household purposes. Historically, various cultures used rose hips for their high content of vitamin C and other valuable ingredients. In folk medicine, rosehip powder was often used to support general health, for example to strengthen and help with tired joints, and it was believed that it could contribute to a healthy lifestyle, for example with or against osteoarthritis. It was used both as a joint, intestinal and skin remedy and in the kitchen, for example to prepare jams, jellies and teas.

This only represents the historical background. We offer our rosehip powder as a supplement for animals and distance ourselves from health-related statements.

Does rosehip powder help with osteoarthritis and joint problems?

With regard to rosehip powder and its use for osteoarthritis and joint problems, it should be noted that various nutritional supplements and supplementary feed and herbal products are traditionally used for human or animal use and are said to be able to support well-being, in this case joints. But the effect of such natural preparations can vary greatly from person to person. Although some studies and anecdotal reports describe possible benefits of rosehip powder in the context of joint health, use in dogs should always be under the supervision of a veterinarian who will use professional judgment to determine an appropriate approach to dealing with osteoarthritis and joint problems. We cannot and will not make any health-related statements regarding your pet's joints. We advise you to consult with your trusted veterinarian.

Can I also make rosehip tea from the powder and give it to my dog?

Yes, you can make rosehip tea from rosehip powder. To prepare the tea, the powder is infused with hot water and, after a short steeping time, filtered or consumed directly, depending on preference. However, whether it is advisable to give the tea to a dog depends on various factors, such as the dog's tolerance and individual needs. In general, caution should be exercised when giving new foods to pets. Therefore, before giving rosehip tea to a dog, one should consult a veterinarian or professional body to ensure that it is suitable and safe for the specific animal.

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