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Ear mite oil 100ml for dogs & cats I Strong remedy against ear mites

Ear mite oil 100ml for dogs & cats I Strong remedy against ear mites


  • Powerful immediate help against ear mites
  • Natural aloe vera & calendula for itching
  • Ear drops for dogs, cats, rabbits & rodents
  • Gentle care for sensitive ears
  • Ear mite oil plus made in Germany

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The alphazoo ear mite oil for dogs, cats, rabbits and rodents - the remedy against ear mites

Say goodbye to unpleasant ear mites – with our alphazoo ear mite oil ! This oil is specifically designed to relieve itching and act as an anti-mite remedy in the ear. It effectively treats and protects your pet from ear mites while supporting the suppleness of the ears.

Combat ear mite infestations quickly and in a timely manner - with our alphazoo ear mite oil

Ear mites are tiny parasites that live in the ear canals of pets, including dogs, cats and rabbits. They cause itching, redness and swelling, which can lead to ear mange . Ear mites often leave a dark, crumbly mess that looks like coffee grounds. Without treatment, ear mites can lead to a serious ear infection .

This is exactly where our alphazoo ear mite oil comes in. The active ingredients in this ear drop for ear mites kill the ear mites and support the healing of the ear. At the same time, it soothes itching , provides a pleasant feeling and promotes your pet's general well-being.

Ear cleaner against mites in the ear and against itching

With our alphazoo ear mite oil you can easily prevent and declare war on annoying ear mites. Ear mite oil is not only an effective remedy for mites in the ear , but also acts as an ear cleaner. It helps remove dirt and wax from the ear, making the environment unattractive for ear mites.

The use of ear mite oil for dogs, cats, rabbits and rodents is simple and safe. All you need to do is instill a few drops into your pet's ear. The natural ingredients aloe vera and calendula / marigold ensure that your pet does not feel any discomfort when cleaning and removing ear mites, earwax and dirt. Combine our ear mite oil with our alphazoo ear cleaner Listener-Up for complete ear cleaning.

5 reasons for our gentle ear mite oil

  • Particularly gentle ear care and ear cleaning
  • Sustainable, powerful formula against itchy ears
  • Easy to use ear drops
  • Also suitable for sensitive dog ears, cat ears & animal ears
  • Highest quality, from the Ruhr area for you

You want your pet to be healthy and happy, and that's exactly what we want. With the alphazoo ear drops against mites, we can help you get one step closer to your goal. Take care of your pet's ear health and choose our alphazoo ear mite oil – an easy-to-use one Remedies for mites in the ear and the particularly gentle ear drops against ear mites. Free your pet from unpleasant itching and severe ear mange caused by nasty ear mites now!

Simply put our alphazoo ear mite oil in your shopping cart , sit back and watch the smile come back to your dearest friend's face!

Purified white oil, aloe vera oil, calendula oil

  • For floppy ears, apply directly to the external auditory canal, for erect ears use a cloth/pad so that the surface is well wetted.

  • Then massage in extensively and evenly.

  • After a short exposure time, clean with a cloth/pad to remove the residue.

Before use and 12 hours after use with our ear mite treatment for cats, dogs, rabbits and rodents, the ears should ideally be cleaned with the alphazoo ear cleaner Lauscher-Auf . The process can then be repeated as often as desired.

Not suitable for consuming. In case of contact with eyes, rinse them thoroughly.

Animal may shake after use.

If you want to fight against mites and itching in your fur, then we recommend our alphazoo Mite Hunter Spray against mites and our alphazoo Fire Extinguisher Itching Spray against itchy fur.
How does alphazoo ear mite oil work for dogs, cats, rabbits and rodents?

Alphazoo Ear Mite Oil works through its unique formula that aims to eliminate ear mites and the irritation they cause. The oil is instilled into the animal's ear, penetrating the ear canal where the mites live.

The ingredients in ear mite oil are designed to kill ear mites and prevent them from multiplying further. It also has soothing properties that help relieve the irritation and discomfort caused by the mites.

Additionally, Alphazoo Ear Mite Oil helps clean the ear and remove excess wax, which is another condition in which ear mites thrive.

How do I correctly use the alphazoo ear mite oil on my pet?

1. First, calm your dog or cat and put them in a comfortable position.

2. Shake the bottle with the alphazoo ear mite oil well. This way you can ensure that all ingredients are well mixed.

3. Tilt your animal's head to the side so that one ear is pointing upwards.

4. Then drip the recommended amount of ear mite oil into the ear. For floppy ears, use a cloth/pad directly; for erect ears, use a cloth/pad. That is easier.

5. Then gently massage the base of your pet's ear to distribute the oil evenly.

6. If necessary, use the oil in the other ear as well.

7. Don't forget to wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.

Does using alphazoo ear mite oil hurt my pet?

Using alphazoo ear mite oil should not be painful for your pet. The oil is designed to work in a gentle way to relieve itching and discomfort caused by ear mites.

However, animals with very sensitive or already inflamed ears may react sensitively to the treatment. If your pet shows signs of discomfort or pain, discontinue use and consult a veterinarian immediately.

Why does my pet shake after using alphazoo ear mite oil?

If your pet shakes his head after you use the alphazoo ear mite oil, this is completely normal. This is because it senses an unusual sensation in the ear as the oil gets deep into the ear canal.

It could also be that shaking your head is pushing excess oil or dying mites, earwax, and dirt out of the ear.

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