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Peace of mind calming spray for dogs I sedative with valerian

Peace of mind calming spray for dogs I sedative with valerian


  • Relaxing spray to calm you down
  • Peace of mind for New Year's Eve, thunderstorms & car journeys
  • Rescue remedy for stress and anxiety
  • Of course with valerian & lavender for relaxation
  • Sedative for your basket

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Discover calming: The alphazoo peace of mind calming spray for dogs

Is your beloved four-legged friend often stressed or shows signs of restlessness and fear? We will show you the optimal solution. Discover this Dog tranquilizers from alphazoo: the peace of mind calming spray. A spray for reassurance your dog, which is based on natural active ingredients.

Calming spray for dogs: relaxation at the touch of a button

The Calming spray for dogs is easy to use and works reliably. With a few sprays it provides calm and Relaxation . Regardless of the situation - be it on New Year's Eve, near a thunderstorm or on long car journeys - the peace of mind calming spray offers quick relief.

Peace of mind: From stress and anxiety to relaxation

Stress and fear are harmful to health, even for dogs. Driven by loud noises, unknown people or, for example, long car journeys, they can have a strong influence on our four-legged friend's mood. With the natural Dog tranquilizers from alphazoo you will find a way for your animal Relaxation & anti-stress to offer.

Natural valerian for maximum calming

Inside the spray there is a powerful mix of ingredients - including Valerian , a tried and tested remedy for stress. Together with lavender, it is sustainable reassurance and helps to avoid stress. For more relaxation and calming products for dogs and cats, take a look at our relaxation products .

High quality sedative for dogs

Not only the ease of use but also the high quality speak for us Dog tranquilizers . The alphazoo peace of mind calming spray is the first choice for anyone looking for an effective, natural one Relaxation & anti-stress agent are.

Calming spray for dogs: The solution for stressed four-legged friends

Be it for them Relax time , visiting friends and family or as a gentle sleeping pills – the alphazoo peace of mind Calming spray for dogs is always the right choice. Benefit now from this effective solution for your dog Peace of mind gives.

Your dog deserves peace of mind – reach for the calming spray now

Help your dog and give him the calm he needs in stressful situations. Influence him positively with this Calming spray for dogs from alphazoo and provide one immediate reassurance.

Add to cart ” now, test it out and give your beloved four-legged friend the gift of the Peace of mind make.

Water, lavender oil, vegetable extract (valerian), solubilizer

  • Shake dog calming spray well before use.

  • To calm down, spray three to five pumps of the calming spray onto the dog's sleeping area or surrounding area.

  • Please maintain a spray distance of approx. 20 cm.

  • Use as needed and accepted.

  • The spray should only be used in the animal's environment and on textiles (basket, blanket, pillow) and not directly on the dog.

Please do not use near cats.

Instructions for use
Not suitable for consuming. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place and protected from light.

If you would like to have additional sedatives for dogs and cats to relax and combat stress, then we recommend our alphazoo peace of mind tablets for dogs , our alphazoo peace of mind Bach flowers for dogs and cats and our alphazoo peace of mind food oil for dogs and cats .
What is a dog tranquilizer and when should it be used?

A dog tranquilizer is a product that helps reduce a dog's stress or anxiety. This can be particularly useful during loud noises (like fireworks or thunderstorms), moving, traveling, or for dogs that are generally anxious or nervous.

How does the alphazoo peace of mind calming spray work exactly?

The alphazoo peace of mind calming spray works with naturally calming ingredients such as valerian. These substances act on the dog's nervous system, helping him to relax and reduce his stress levels.

Is the alphazoo peace of mind calming spray suitable for all dog breeds?

Yes, the alphazoo peace of mind calming spray is suitable for all dog breeds. The dosage recommendations can be found on the product packaging.

Can the alphazoo peace of mind calming spray also be used on puppies?

Yes, the calming spray can also be used on puppies, but a veterinarian should always be consulted first.

Can I also use the alphazoo peace of mind calming spray if my dog ​​is taking medication?

Whenever your dog is taking medication, you should speak to your veterinarian first before using Alphazoo Peace of Mind calming spray or any other sedative. It is important to ensure that there are no interactions between the sedative and the medication.

How often can the alphazoo peace of mind calming spray be used?

The frequency of use depends on the specific situation and the individual dog. Some dogs only need the spray in certain stressful situations, while others need it more regularly. However, it is important that the spray is not introduced as a long-term treatment without treating the underlying cause of the stress or agitation.

Why is the alphazoo peace of mind sedative with valerian not suitable for cats?

Although valerian is often used as a calming agent, it has the opposite effect on cats and may instead excite or stimulate them. Therefore, it is not advisable to use a dog sedative that contains valerian as a cat sedative. It is always safer to choose a calming product specifically designed for cats to ensure that it meets their specific needs and does not cause any unwanted side effects. Here we recommend our alphazoo Soul Peace Bach Flowers for dogs and cats and our alphazoo Soul Peace food oil for dogs and cats .

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